What happens to your body when you don’t sleep a few days?

This great video of Bazfid vividly illustrates exactly what happens to your body if you don’t sleep day, two or more. Each time you skip the sleeping at night, the problems that our body experiences are increasing, slowly taking us toward psychosis caused by lack of sleep.

If you skip a night of sleep, you will feel difficulty in movement and focusing and you will feel as if you drank larger amount of alcohol. There are also chances that you identify incorrectly the neutral facial expressions.

If you don’t sleep the next night, the amount of oxygen which you breathe will be reduced, as well as your strength. Chances are that the tongue will begin to “stitch” while speaking and not be able to remember certain words.

If you continue without sleep and 3rd night, then you start to notice that you can not concentrate on tasks that aren’t interesting enough. Also, your heartbeat will increase, which can lead to certain health problems.

During the 4th sleepless night, your brain starts to sleep even while awake. These types mikrodreams last 5 to 10 seconds. At this point chances and that you start hallucinating, and to feel pressure around the head.


5th night without sleep. Ability to think and solve problems are greatly diminished. You get the feeling that someone is trying to “catch” you.

If you can hold on to 6th night without sleep, then you will experience psychosis in which you can no longer to perceive reality.