German scientists explore a genetic treatment of infection with HIV

German scientists announced they successfully tested in the laboratory genetic cure for the virus that causes AIDS, for which results are reported in the scientific journal Nature Biotechnology.
Scientists have developed some kind of scissors that the level of cells may cut the genetic material of HIV into infected cells of the patient.
“The research is promising. And if the research is successful, it means that patients will no longer have HIV “, says Armin Shafberger for the german agency DPA.
The team, led by Joachim Hauber from the institute “Heinrich Five” in Hamburg and Frank Bukholc from the Dresden Institute of Technology, and points out that a key obstacle to the next stage of the research in humans is the interventions in genetic risk of developing cancer in the medium or long term period.
“This is a basic research, tested in preclinical stage with the best methods that are available,” says Professor Boris Feshe from University Hospital in Hamburg who was not involved in the research. It points out that CD-4 cells of the human immune system, used in the study is the main objective of HIV, but are not the only ones that virus attacks.
It is estimated that if all the results of the new tests are good, tests of people can last between five and ten years.