Foods that can save your heart

At least three times a day you have a chance to significantly reduce cholesterol, lower your blood pressure and reduce your overall risk of heart disease. How? If you eat healthy foods.

Olive oil ‘extra virgins’

This oil is rich in unsaturated fats, which can lower blood cholesterol when replacing saturated fat in your diet. It is important that any reduction in the intake of saturated fats (found in cheese, butter and fatty meats). Good substitute are food with olive oil (salads and dishes that are fried in this oil), avocados, nuts and other sources of unsaturated fats, especially monounsaturated fat. Olive oil ‘extra virgins “has other advantages – contains polyphenols, which prevent the bad cholesterol that sticks to the walls of arteries. While this is slightly more expensive than oil sunflower, still should be a part of your kitchen. You should not spare for health.


When adults eat about 30 grams of the bony fruits a day, the level of bad cholesterol to them is reduced by 13 to 20 percent. All nuts are healthy and nutritious, but almonds are especially good for the heart because they contain a lot of vitamin E. This antioxidant has a strong effect in preventing atherosclerosis. They are also a good source of calcium. If you do not like raw almonds, try to be a little burned in the oven, it will reduce the bitterness and improve taste.


This cereal is highly beneficial for health. In one study on a medical school, it was found that the barley is an excellent ingredients to maintain glucose levels under control. The reason may be that barley contains high amounts of fiber called beta-glucans, which passes slowly through the digestive tract and helps lower cholesterol levels. Barley can be prepared in a similar way as brown rice (i.e, cooking from 45 minutes to an hour), and you can mix the two grains and cook them together. It’s great as a side dish with different types of fish and vegetables.

The spice from hot peppers

If you season the dish with this spicy spice, you’ll prevent the increase in blood sugar after a meal.


Research at Harvard University, has shown that it is very helpful to eat every day, half a cup of carrots. This amount reduces the risk of diabetes in women by as much as 27%.