Eliminate Head Lice with This Simple, Safe and Natural Remedy

For a lot of parents, the head louse is actually the most annoying aspect of their lives. They are infectious and and sometimes difficult to get rid of. This little, wingless creepy creature exists on human hairs and nourishes on small measures of blood taken from the scalp. Lice have a tendency to be a typical issue among school kids. But, young ladies get head lice more regularly than young men, girls are more prone to these parasites.

It is known that they aren’t dangerous, but the thing is that with only one bite they cause itching and the scalp becomes inflamed. This can lead to irritation and infection.

Although there are numerous lice cleanser and shampoos, they aren’t as effective as we see them on the commercials, and often they are expensive. Sometimes, they can cost over $100.


Many parents use various treatments and spend hours combing and checking their kids` hair, and at some point they realize that all that is useless and they try to find some other way to finally get rid of these annoying parasites.

Fortunately, there is a healthier alternative which can help you eliminate lice from your kid`s hair.


  • Listerine mouthwash ( off-brands work just fine as well)
  • Lice comb
  • White vinegar
  • Shampoo
  • A couple towels
  • Shower cup or plastic bags


Despite the fact that they don’t prescribe green or blue mouthwash you probably won`t have any problems. So, let’s start. First apply Listerine on your child’s hair until the hair is completely wet. Once the hair is entirely wet, gather the hair and wrap it with a plastic bag or put a shower cap on it. Allow it to act for an hour. Use a few grocery bags to keep the wetness and put a towel around their shoulders. Make sure you create a tight seal around the scalp so that the lice will stay in.

After the appropriate amount of time, precisely take away the bags. You may be astounded at what number of dead head lice are in the bags.

Cautiously wash the their hair and soak their head with the white vinegar. Reapply the bags once more. Give it a chance to sit for an hour. Then, take the bags cautiously. Remove the vinegar from their hair. Use shampoo as typical. At the end, comb their hair with a lice comb. The lice can be easily combed since the vinegar loosens the glue on the eggs.

The Listerine smell will keep them away. Lice particularly dislike the scent of spearmint, so you can put a bit of Listerine in a splash container with some water and spray your kid’s hair before they go to school.

The whole treatment lasts for a couple of hours. However, it is much better option than using the commercial lice products which are full of chemicals that enter the child`s bloodstream.

Here are the advantages that this treatment has over the commonly used commercial lice products:

  • It provides long-term results (after one treatment, the lice are not likely to re-appear)
  • It is inexpensive (costs nothing but a few dollars)
  • Your child`s hair will be smooth and shiny, and with a great smell
  • It is healthy and without side effects
  • Just a couple of spritzes of the spearmint/water mixture will keep the lice away
  • Provides full protection