9 exercises for rigid and shaped hands

Enhance your biceps, triceps and shoulders with these related exercises

How this training work?

“You do not need fancy equipment to have strong sculpted arms and shoulders,” said trainer Todd Durkin who created this 360 exercise routine toned exercise for hand, exclusively for fitness. “You just need the right moves.”

Necessary equipment for these exercises are: weights up to 5 kg (with heavier weights, it has a bigger effect) and a comfortable chair.

His rules for faster result:

1. Opt for heavier weights
2. Make two rear, delt movements before each delt exercise, we denote these specific goals to be able to proceed with the moves.
Do these exercises three times a week, every other day, along with your usual cardiopulmonary exercise. Do one or two sets of move in the first two weeks and add weight every two weeks. Starting from the third week, do two or three sets of biceps and triceps exercises.