5 tricks that will help you look 5 years younger

You do not need expensive treatments or invasive surgical methods – with these tricks is guaranteed easing the visible signs of aging.

1. Add volume

Unfortunately, the filled up lips over time lose volume (yes, this refers to Angelina Jolie), and dark shades of lipstick and matt textures further emphasize the lack of collagen. For the splendid look of the lips, choose shiny lipsticks or lip gloss in pink, and try the trend “hombre-lips”. Framed your lips with a pencil of dark pink and bright pink apply to the central part.

2. Prevent blots

What always reveals years are dark spots on the hands. Hide them with BB-Cream, which contains optical light diffusers that give the skin radiant appearance and heat, equaling the complexion and making the stains less visible. The skin on the body is very thin and prone to damage, and to prevent them regularly Hydrate it with cream, and when you go out, be sure to apply a sunscreen cream (to prevent the formation of new pigmentation). Twice a week apply cream with retinol, which will rejuvenate the hands (removes dead surface skin cells).
A woman rubbing moisturizer into her skin

3. Get rid of eye bags

The fastest solution for circles under the eyes are cold compress. Try gel mask with cooling effect that instantly will reduce swelling because it constricts blood vessels, or boil chamomile tea, which will dip the circles, leave it for some time to cool in the refrigerator and use them as a compress. For long-term results is necessary a quality sleep that will provide regeneration to the body and mind. To make sure that you provide for the body an optimum amount of sleep, lie with fitness arch which marks its quality.

4. Let the eyebrows to grow

Too plucked and thin eyebrows contribute to look older. To restore the old, thicker form, fill the gaps and correct them with pencil for this purpose in the shade closest to the natural color of your hair. Then comb your eyebrows up with a brush and tighten them with gel for eyebrows in order to be everything in its place.

5. Face lifting

The cheeks are dismissing over the years losing volume. So instead apply blush only on cheekbones, blend gently to the top of the cheeks to the ears, until the line hair – with this technique of application will receive subtle lifting effect. Select bright pink and coral shades of blush, which will illuminate the complexion.