5 Reasons to Drink Warm Water on an Empty Stomach

Water is very useful for health, but it is little known for the warm water alongside with lemon or tea that can provide many health benefits. It will destroy the free radicals in the body, effects in reduction of metabolic waste, providing digestive power and helping to build your immune system.

Drinking warm water may not suit your taste, you probably prefer normal water, tea or caffeine, but it may be beneficial to put aside all of this for your health’s sake.


Digestion and detoxification

It is known that water and other liquids can help break down the food in the stomach, thus keeping the digestive system on track. But if you want to cleanse the body you should drink a warm cup of water in the morning and thus will flush out the toxins from the body. Hot water will make your body temperature raise and in order to maintain a stable temperature you will start to sweat and release the toxins. Adding a squeezed lemon can be added to get more optimal results.

Bowel movements

Hot water can make the bowel movements more healthy and pain free. Dehydration can cause some serious damage and also cause problems with constipation. As the stool gets accumulated inside the intestine the bowel moves more slower. Consuming hot or warm water every morning when the stomach is empty is highly recommended because it decomposes remnant foodstuffs and make the particle move smoother and less painful through the intestine.

Promotes hair growth

If you have problems with your hair, or have an oily hair, drinking warm or hot water can help you to get shiny and soft hair. This is important in having natural vitality and for keeping your hair healthy, and also will help you to energize the nerve endings in the hair roots and makes them more active.

Prevents premature aging

Warm or hot water can help cleanse the body from toxins, that we have in the body, by repairing skin cells to increase elasticity. So with drinking warm water you can prevent premature aging.

Weight Loss

If you have problems with weight and you want to lose some kilos, a warm or hot water can help break down fat deposits from the body, thus help in weight loss. If you want you can drink a glass of warm or hot water with either lemon or honey, after every meal.