5 quick ideas for those who want to start to feed more healthy

You are tired of going to the bakery and ordering lunches from shipping? Please take some time and prepare healthy foods that will fill you up and give you energy for the working week.

1. Boiled eggs are healthy, inexpensive and easy to prepare, but can become boring. Serve them for breakfast on toast with a little butter and so do them more interesting.

2. Muffins don’t have to be sweet – make a salty snacks with a high percentage of protein and so on a healthy way start the day. Make the most delicious muffins with smoked ham with this recipe.


3. Preparing food in advance to wear to work does not mean you have to give up diversity. On the contrary, with a little planning, every day you can eat something else. Combine steamed vegetables with meat, fish or grains.

4. Make your own smoothie and thus reduce further amounts of sugar that can enter the body. Let the only sweetener to be the fruit of your choice.

5. In the store buy real food, not industrial processed foods. In this way you will be forced to cook or eat more salads. Avoid errors in storing food with these tips.