5 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath!

Bad breath can happen to everyone and is nothing unusual. The causes can be various, like something you’ve eaten, other times it comes from the bacteria found in your mouth.

There is one myth about bad breath that it originates in the gut or stomach. Actually, bad breath comes from the back of the tongue, the throat, and the tonsils. This is where naturally occurring bacteria are found that put off sulfur compounds resulting in bad breath. When you wake up with morning breath this is because these bacteria have become dry overnight and this makes them respond with increased activity.

You can avoid the dangers of mouthwash and solve it all naturally. If you are being plagued by a persistent case, try any one or more of these all natural solutions to discover a mouth of freshness.


Here are the 5 natural ways to get rid of bad breath:

1. Lemon

When you eat onions, garlic, and the like you have bad breath, and this technique is particularly effective when it comes to this foods. Suck on a lemon slice or squeeze a fresh lemon into a glass of water. Then simply drink the water or gargle with it. If you’re unable to do either of these simply place a drop of lemon on the tip of the tongue. Lemon will stimulate saliva production which will help to combat bad breath. Having a dry mouth is commonly associated with bad breath too. This leads to the next all natural solution,so read on.

2. Water

As we mention above, dry mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria which produce sulfur compounds which are one of the most common causes of bad breath. Drinking at least eight, eight ounce glasses of water per day are one of the best ways to keep these bacteria’s actions to a minimum and decrease your bad breath. Often people whose jobs are associated with a lot of talking, sales people, teachers, lawyers, find they have bad breath as a result of a dry mouth. Drink up to combat bad breath from a dry mouth, and as we said drinking a plenty of water is good for your overall health.

3. Parsley

This amazing vegetable is rich in chlorophyll to neutralize bad breath and acts as a deodorizer and anti-mutagen, and also can be used to effectively treat bad breath. An anti-mutagen is simply a substance that interferes with mutagen actions of a substance. Mutagen is a mutation or chemical or biological change within a substance.

First you should try with chewing a sprig of parsley, and if doesn’t help then consider dipping it in vinegar. However, if you like the way mouthwash works but don’t want the associated health risks try this all natural remedy for bad breath. Boil parsley sprigs and cloves. Cool and strain. Use this as an all natural mouthwash daily and you’ll see the positive results.

4. Avoid sugars and grains

It’s well known that sugars and grains promote the action and growth of many bacteria. Eliminating or reducing your intake of sugar, sugar laden products, and grains will help to eliminate bad breath. This move is good for everything, it can help you to lose weight and improve your overall health too.

5. Peppermint oil

This is highly recommended. Popping peppermint oil capsules to stop bad breath. According to an article in the UK’s The Times, a study in 2008 revealed that intensive care patients with bad breath improved their breath by using an essential oil mouthwash that contained peppermint oil.

So, our advice will be to try on some of these natural cures if you have a problem with bad breath, and not to waste your time with attempting to mask the odor with over the counter mouthwashes. Because, a cure is always the better choice than simply masking the problem.