4 things that normalize pressure

how-to-naturally-reduce-and-help-high-blood-pressure-review-book_720x380If necessary, high blood pressure should certainly be treated with medication. But, if it is possible to regulate it in a natural way, then this is certainly worth a try. Here are some strategies that can help you.

Reduce Workload

Those working more than 41 hours a week increases the risk to gain elevated pressure. According to a study conducted by the University of California-Irving, which included more than 24,000 patients, most of those who work more than the above simply do not have time for physical activity / exercise, nor can focus to consume foods that are healthier and helps regulate pressure.

Let energetic walk to be a daily routine

People who go for a walk with a fast pace experienced a significant change in the value of their pressure, according to research. Those who every day, or most days of the week, exercise at least 30 minutes, on average, can lower upper blood pressure of 8 mm, and the lower of 6mm Hg.

Daily eliminate stress

Since all of us, like it or not, we are bombarded with obligations and stress, it is important to take time every day and dedicate it to get rid of stress. Great help in the release of stress can give us deep breathing exercises, yoga exercises or meditation. Stress hormones can raise the levels of renin, a kidney enzyme that contributes to high blood pressure. If we reduce the stress, with that we influence on our blood pressure.

Reduce the amount of salt

A number of people who have hypertension are particularly sensitive to the increased amounts of salt in the diet; in them, as a rule, are those who have a genetic tendency towards hypertension, as well as older people. In any case, reasonable recommendation for those who have high blood pressure, or are prone is to reduce the total amount of salt.

Half a teaspoon of salt contains about 1,200 mg of sodium – and this is almost the entire daily dose recommended by the American National Institute of Heart, Lung, and Blood. But, keep in mind that the salt you add in food is by no means the entire amount that you eat. Standard bread from the bakery, pastry, snacks and processed foods already contain quite a lot of salt, so if these things you consume on a daily basis, then this half a spoon is too much, as well.

These four simple tips can help you bring many benefits. In addition to lowering the pressure, will help you to keep the line (normal weight) and contribute to the health of your heart.