3 simple exercises about weak waist

With three simple exercises about the area around the waist and abdomen will burn excess weight, and to feel satisfied.

1. Strengthen the upper abs

Lie on the floor. Pull your feet closer to yourself and put your hands behind your head. Lift yourself so your elbows touch your hips. Repeat the exercise in two sets of 15 minutes, and then you can increase the number of repetitions when you feel that your muscles become stronger.

2. Lower abs

Stay on the floor and lie flat. Rely with palms and spine firmly on the ground. Lift your feet all the time and hold them upright. Then lower them to the floor and lift them again. Repeat two sets of 15 times.

3. Side abs

Lie on your side leaning on the elbows. And then rely on the soles and lift as like doing side bridge. Stay in this position for 60 seconds. If you want bigger load lift your free hand and separate the free leg from the other one.