You see any of these changes to your face?

The identification of disease based on the characteristics on face can not replace a doctor’s visit, but can be a warning signal …

Permanent blue lips can be caused by taking anti-inflammatory drugs. In many cases, however, is an alert for bronchitis or other diseases of the respiratory tract.

If on your lips appeared pimples, it means that you apply too much cosmetics on the skin and should use only those with a pH neutral properties.

If the skin around the corners of your mouth is cracked and feel pain, it may be caused by lack of iron and vitamin B2, and initial diabetes.

People who are constantly pale, have a weakened immune system or diseased kidneys. The red color of the face with a small cracked capillaries may indicate a problem with high blood pressure.

Sudden thinning of the eyebrows may be a result of stressful situations, even from some that occurred five months ago. In the second case may indicate the malfunction of the thyroid gland.

Redness of the nose is usually caused by dryness of the skin, but in some cases indicate a lack of zinc in the body.