You are nervous? Well start to eat celery!

This victual even in Hippocrates recommended to his patients, knowing how effective and healthy is.

This natural remedy for soothing hides a secret, rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium which affects to alleviate tension.
The high percentage of liquids and the minimum level of calories makes it ideal in the fight against excess weight, and one stalk of this healthy vegetable contains 83% water and healthy amounts of fiber and reduces hunger.
Potassium and sodium by which the celery abounds help regulate body fluids and stimulate urine production and thus remove toxins from the body, so the celery is a shiny diuretic.
Therefore use this vegetable more in your meals, not just when you are nervous, but also in the daily diet and you will feel its benefits.
Ahh this celery … ..
celery 1