Why you should use coconut oil for hair care?

Coconut oil can be used for the care of the whole body. Previous studies have shown that coconut oil has powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. This oil was shown to be efficient in the prevention of premature aging of the skin. In addition to the skin, coconut oil can be used for hair care.

coconut oil

Slows outbreaks of gray hair

Hair follicles with aging starts to weaken so that intensity of color decreases. Coconut oil protects the base of hair follicles, but also keeps the scalp. This method can slow down the outbreak of gray hair.

Eliminates lice

If you want to avoid toxic products that can damage the scalp, and the hair, ears, try to eliminate by using coconut oil that surrounds the fatty layer. This prevents them from surviving and further propagation.

Eliminates dandruff

Coconut oil moisturizes the scalp and has excellent antifungal properties, which can be used for prevention and treatment of dandruff.

Prevents hair loss

Coconut oil can help prevent hair loss and baldness because it is an excellent source of healthy fats that nourish the scalp and hair roots.