What will happen if you rub the forefinger 60 seconds?

Some alternative medicine believes that with massage or rubbing the fingers of the hand, can prevent certain bodily pain …

Japanese ancient medicine says that each finger is connected to a particular organ of the body and can also enhance the performance of every organ in our body. For example, you can treat headache. With friction of your finger symptoms will quickly decrease or disappear. nough is only 1 minute to feel the change.
1. The thumb is connected to the heart and lungs – massage this finger when you feel that your heart is beating too hard or when you’re short of breath and remain without air.
2. The index finger is associated with kidney and bladder – massage this finger when you’re bothered by diarrhea when you have constipation, if you have problems with the spleen or stomach.

3. The middle finger is associated with the gall bladder and liver – massage this finger when you’re bothered by insomnia, migraine or have nausea while driving.
4. The fourth finger is connected to the colon – massage this finger if you’re bothered by headache, migraine, pain and stiffness in the neck, as a result of poor circulation.
5. The little finger is connected to the small intestine – massage this finger when you feel difficulty and anxiety.
An additional tip: In our hands there is a lot of hassle, so if you want to improve your health, simply clap more frequently.