What happens to the body when you drink soda?

How many times have you heard that soft drinks are not good for you? Surely countless times! But what really happens to your body when you drink sodas?


A few days ago a video came out in which in a picturesque way is shown how soft drinks are harmful.

Already with the first sip the acid bites the tooth enamel, so that bacteria quickly gather and over time creates cavities. But that is only the beginning. In just one can of soft drink are 46 grams of sugar, so the receptors on the tongue signaled a sense of sweet and send a message to the brain where the center for awards is – the brain signalizes that as something good and therefore requires a new dose. Thus arises the dependence on sweet.

As an example, if you are drinking soft drinks for several days instead of water, then the body will contribute additional 5,430 calories despite all foods you regularly eat – certainly, the difference will be noticeable on the scale, so it’s no wonder that soft drinks are exactly one of the main culprits of obesity in America.

The large quantity of sugar is dangerous for normal operation of the body and may result in disruption of the operation of insulin, which ultimately leads to diabetes. Soft drinks accelerated aging as well, and if you didn’t know, their harmfulness is compared to smoking drugs.

So, think twice before you reach for a new can of soda…