Want a flat tummy? Forget about abs and correct the posture

You are not satisfied with the body posture? You need practice.

Stand in front of a mirror, pull the shoulders back until the shoulder blades are next to each other. Then take a deep breath and suck in your stomach. Please ensure that when you suck in the stomach, not to move your hips forward. Pelvis and hips should make natural bow with the lower back. This posture should be your natural. If during the day you notice that your shoulders are relaxed and are rolled forward, just straighten up. Also, try, while sitting, the back to be straight.


To the question what are the most effective exercises for tightening the abdomen, most would answer: abs! However it is not like that. By doing these exercises, muscles become more visible, but the stomach isn’t flatter.

Move your muscles – muscles that surround the torso allow three basic movements – tilting, rotating and straightening of the body – therefore you must include them in the exercises. Also you need to activate the deep muscles that give support to the body. Otherwise, the weakness of these muscles result in poor body posture.


Become stronger – Imagine that you tight an elastic band between the hands. Place one hand over the other, so that the tape is tightened in vertical position. Thus looks your stomach at right posture. If you slightly lower your arm, which is hold in an overhead position, the tape will relax and be ejected in front and side. This is what happens when you bend or when you have weak dorsal muscles.

According to this theory, tighten the muscles that allow proper posture and preventing a stooping position. Proper posture ensures combination of flexibility, mobility and strength.