Tricks that will make life easier for any housewife, and all you need is just – Salt!

SaltThese kitchen secrets and tricks you definitely won’t find in any book.

And they all will reveal how to clean iron, scorched pan, stubborn stains of the bathtub and even turn off the fire – all with the help of a magic ingredient that we all have in the kitchen.

Here’s how you can use kitchen salt :

1. You can easily clear the bottom from the iron so that you’ll sprinkle salt on a piece of paper or a newspaper, and then pass through it with very heated iron.

2. If it happen to you the food in the pan to make mini fire in the kitchen, just sprinkle salt directly on fire and he will immediately go off.

3. Unclean pan will also be part of the past. Pour the water and salt and let stand so, then wash with a sponge.

In the video you can see in which ways you can still use salt as the best device in the household, but be careful and use gloves when mixing salt with turpentine oil and vinegar.