The best kept secret of Tibet: The natural elixir is made in a moment, but can extend life

Ancient Buddhist recipe, which was discovered in 1972 in one of the monasteries in Tibet, is called the “elixir of life” because it has great power to cleanse the body and combat against free radicals. It is made very easy, from two ingredients that you probably already have at home, and so strong to drink only once in five years.

natural elixir

It is a drink which is popularly called “Tibetan” which is made from garlic and alcohol. These drops are eventually became very popular around the world, especially in the east. Fans of natural medicine claim that the regular consumption can reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and cleanse the body of free radicals – and apparently thanks to this drink the monks from Tibet are so long-lived.

– Garlic is known as a great ally in strengthening the body, especially when it comes to immunity, and this could be a good solution for people who do not like to eat every day. Such a solution, however, should not be consumed in large quantities and should not be given to children because it contains alcohol, but can help to adults – says nutritionist Branka Mirkovic.

Although drops of garlic can be bought at the pharmacy, they who have tried say that it is much better to make your own elixir because it contains no preservatives. Experts agree that drops can not harm, and they can have many positive effects, such as weight loss, resolution of problems with the lungs and bones. The only ones who should take care are people who have low blood pressure, because the Tibetan regular consumption can lower down the pressure even more.

It is necessary:

– 350 g garlic
– 220 grams of rum or other strong alcoholic beverage


Peel and mash the garlic using those gadgets for squeezing garlic. t also can be minced with a knife, but it is very important to keep all the juice. Put the garlic in a jar and pour the alcohol. Seal it and let it stand in refrigerator for 10 days. Then take it out, and strain very good through cheesecloth. The resulting elixir pour into a bottle that has a pipette (because this is consumed in the form of drops) and leave to rest for two days in the fridge.

You can drink the drops with sugar cube or some other beverage. The taste is not the most pleasant in the world, but it is not as bad as it sounds.
After two days the elixir is ready for consumption. The drops are consumed by ten days, in the following order:


Drink the elixir ten days in a row, but before any consumption is essential to shake it very good. Interestingly, this “cure” is drunk only once in five years, because it is very strong.