Teas for calm day and nice dream

Stress due to the dynamic way of living everyday we feel it is almost impossible to avoid.
Yet nature is here to help us easier to deal with everyday stress. She gave us several herbs and plants that help us to preserve nerves and have a good quality sleep and and the busy day to spent calmer. Lavender tea is beneficial and with the pleasant smell but also with the ingredients that contain this herb. You only need a few lavender flowers in a cup of hot water and you get a nice drink that will soothe and relax you instantly. Will reduce the headache and you will have a peaceful sleep.
Davnina of St. John’s wort is known cure for depression, increases concentration and facilitates sleep and excite you and positively act on emotions. You can make tea and sweeten it with honey.
It has an amazing calming effect on the dream. This herb calms nerves, as well as flatulence and menstrual pain.
Balm is commonly used to recover the nervous system and entire body after having a lot of stress. It has a very positive impact on the psyche and is recommended to regulate the menstrual cycle that often suffers from stress. Regularly drinking tea balm will feel its benefits.
Tea thyme is great because a cup of hot tea from this herb mixed with a teaspoon of honey can really help you. This tea reduces anxiety, stomach problems and soothes the entire organism, especially reduces headache.