Make your own antibiotic: Herbalist reveals secret recipe for a natural remedy against any infection


Doctor Richard Shulze, is known for his theory that an incurable disease does not exist, he created his career selling tinctures, compresses and preparations of the plant, which it claims to have everything a man needs for healing. His work, which is based solely on its own research, the US foods and drug administration has not approved, and all of his prescriptions, referrals for treatment and diagnosis he publishes thanks to the First Amendment of the US Constitution that allows him to freely speak out and express his opinions, beliefs and etc.

Shulze is well known opponent of the pharmaceutical industry and speaks about that publicly for many years. At the same time, he publishes recipes for which claims have always been known in human medicine, but are lost in history.

Schulze explains why it is a man prone to diseases of all living creatures on this planet:

“I’ll straighten you. People are not the only one that are sick, but the plants and animals are also sick when they are affected by a sick man. The main causes of the disease are inadequate habitat, unhealthy diet and a missed goal in life. Man was created to live in nature, to is engaged in physical work, just like herbivore to feed with fresh plants and to enjoy the ambience of their numerous families. Modern man has chosen to live outside of nature, in dirty cities, without physical activity, keep the processed and toxic food, which is largely of animal origin, and the main goal is to run for the money with which to buy the poison that destroys his health and his life. In such a life, man has no friends and lives totally unnatural and because of that it is logical to suffer from depression, which was actually a warning of the body, in which a sick body speaks to man’s conscience and says: Are you want to kill me? “Explained Shulze his position on today man.

His recipes are very popular among people who are looking for an alternative as opposed to classical medicine. Tinctures, such as this from apple cider vinegar, can make anyone. If we believe this man’s words, it is a natural antibiotic that destroys any infection in the body.

Here’s what you need: ginger, horseradish, hot pepper and vinegar. In a jar pour apple cider vinegar, it is enough to half a liter. Slicing ginger, horseradish, hot pepper, but the whole head of garlic and red as well. All of this put it on a dark place and leave it for a few weeks. The longer you keep the ingredients in a jar, it will make the tincture stronger.

Apple cider vinegar has a proven positive effect on the human body. Antibacterial and antiviral, regulates acidity, strengthens the immune system. After your supertonik served in a dark place for a few weeks, it is necessary to strain through cheesecloth.

The remains can be dried, and occasionally can be added in meals, and the tincture use it everyday approximately 20 to 30 milliliters. If taste is unpleasant, you can dilute with one tablespoon of honey.