Maintain normal blood pressure: replace coffee with tomato juice

Some people with low pressure do not feel great discomfort, but in some hypotension, especially if it comes to sudden lowering of pressure makes it difficult for everyday life. Low pressure may be normal physiological state of an individual, and occurs as a result of certain diseases, taking medications, even change the body position (orthostatic hypotension). There is a special kind of hypotension, postprandial which occurs after heavy meal.


To keep the pressure to normal and prevent symptoms, it is necessary to adopt certain habits:

  • Your food should be salty enough
  • Contrary of that most of the people drink more coffee just to raised pressure after a brief spike as a result of the intake of caffeine, the pressure often falls even lower
  • Avoid abrupt rising from a lying or sitting position
  • Sleep on a pillow under an angle from five to 20 degrees compared to the bed
  • Avoid lifting heavy things
  • Drink enough water
  • Eat less but more often
  • Eat products that raise the pressure – beet juice, tomato juice, olives and other products containing salt
  • Avoid long showers with hot water, bathing in thermal pools
  • It is not necessary to take medication, and who wants can try with tea (tea of rosemary) or homeopathic preparations