Jamie Oliver offers breakfast for champions: Toast and smudy, perfect combination

vKCBT7WIf you are looking for the perfect solution for a quick, tasty and nutritious meal, Jamie Oliver has some great suggestions for you.

Without much trouble, your table will find a breakfast that will satisfy all the needs of your body for nutrients, and because preparation is simple will not take away too much time.

Recommendation from the famous British chef is to start the day with smudies. What is great news for all those for whom smudies doesn’t sound like a good idea it is that this meal you can customize it to your taste.

Jamie with his readers on his blog shares some tips on how to prepare the perfect troubled. Basic groceries for the meal are frozen or fresh fruit, yogurt or milk, nuts and oatmeal.


● 1 banana
● 3 tablespoons chopped almonds
● 250 ml milk
● 1 tablespoon of honey


Put all ingredients in a blender and mix it until the mixture become homogeneous. Your breakfast is ready!


However, if you would rather like to eat toast, there is a way for this meal to make it a perfect breakfast, and the number of combinations is quite large. And one of the suggestions from Jamie is to combine the toast with two kinds of cheese. After tasting, select cheeses that melt easily and put two thin, chopped slices on two integral pieces of bread and put it to warm in a toaster.


If you like, you can add a piece of prosciutto and arugula in the toast, and spices like pepper and oregano.

Good appetite!