Is the white rice really harmful?

White rice

Someone long time ago raised rumors that white rice is harmful, and that brown or wholemeal rice is healthy. It is not known exactly where these rumors came from, but to many people they slashed the quality source of carbohydrates.

Many nutritionists have demonized all “white” foods: white rice, potatoes, pasta, white bread … but the real problem that we have with them is that we usually over spill them with savory, fatty, sugary, calorie dressings, which makes them very unhealthy.

When it comes to rice, many believe that brown rice is healthier because it is richer in fiber (has three grams of fiber, unlike the white containing 0.5 grams in one cup of cooked rice) and so it keeps you full for a while.

However, because the rice is generally only one of the components of a meal, a person who eats say, boiled lentil and vegetables with rice, may choose any kind of rice and not notice a difference in satiety after eating.

In addition, brown rice contains certain ingredients in its membrane which are not good for consumption and by which the plant defend itself against pests, and because it is not in the white rice, makes it easier to digest than brown.