How to save from a heart attack within seconds

For this it is necessary to have only red pepper. Dr. John Christopher is categorical that the method of rescue from a heart attack per minute is working well.

If your loved one, friend or acquaintance or simply a stranger from the street shows signs of this disease, simply apply to him the method of a rescue from a stroke, that we offer to you.

If a person is conscious, give him as soon as possible to drink a glass of water in which you dissolve a teaspoon of red pepper.

If he is unconscious, you have to sup under his tongue from the extract of water and red pepper. From the first signs of a heart attack and while you prepare the hot mixture, ask the person to cough loudly. This also helps a lot.

Dr. Christopher said that the method will take only a few seconds, but it works miraculous in rescue of people, who will determine the impact of the attack.

It ensures that only a few minutes later, the man begins to gain consciousness and heart rate will begin to normalize.

Is there an alternative way of rescuing from a heart attack? According to many scientists, 100 g. Whisky per day reinforce immunity. Apart from heart attack, regular intake of this drink will protect you from cancer.

This way will certainly appeal to those who are fans of whiskey. And besides that men will have a wonderful excuse for their partner. Healing properties of the beverage are due to antioxidants that the beverage contains which stopped the development of cancer cells.