Here’s what will happen to your body if you eject the sugar for only 9 days


Calories from sugar are the worst because they are converted to fat in the liver, raise insulin resistance and increase the risk for diabetes and heart disease and liver, says the guide of the study.

The new study suggests that the expulsion of sugar from the diet of nine days can significantly improve your health, reports “The Independent”.

The study, which is published in the journal “Obesity”, replaced sugar intake in 43 obese children with starch and claims that by this proved that sugar is harmful to health, not only because of the calories, but also because of the effort to metabolism.

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The author – Robert Lustig – pediatric endocrinologist at Children’s Hospital UCSF Benioff in San Francisco, said that the survey found that during the implementation of the new diet among the participants in the study, cholesterol level was improved and insulin level fell.

“Everything is good,” Lustig claims. “These findings support the idea that it is necessary for parents to monitor the intake of sugar in their children and take care of the health effects of the food that their children eat.”

Studies of Lustig go against multinational companies who claim that obesity is not the result of intake of sugar in the body, but that is the result of excessive intake of calories. Lustig paid special attention to this, so during these studies they maintained the weight in children, and those who lost weight were encouraged to eat more.

“Calories from sugar are the worst because they are converted into fat in the liver, raising insulin resistance and increasing the risk for diabetes and heart disease and liver,” said Lustig.