Healing beverage of only two ingredients

honeyFolk recipes are proved to effective natural remedies against various diseases. The secret lies in healthy foods from nature that are always available to us …

One of those recipes is hot beverage from only two ingredients which does wonders for your body.

Can something as simple really be so good for your body? The affirmative response always comes from nature, and thanks to these ingredients, the secret of health and energy lies in just one cup. It is about hot beverage from only two ingredients – lemon and honey.

How to consume the drink with lemon and honey?

– If you want to achieve maximum results, you must drink it every morning on an empty stomach.

– To get the maximum impact on your body, drink it at least three months.

– You will feel the first positive results after ten days.

Benefits of hot drink with lemon and honey:

– Strengthens the immune system and protects against bacteria and viruses.

– Eliminates the symptoms of diseases such as sneezing, coughing and fatigue.

– Replace coffee and gives us a large amount of morning energy.

– It moisturizes and protects the body from morning headaches.

– Eliminates morning feeling of tiredness and sleepy.

– Effectively helps with weight loss.

Healing properties of the drink with lemon and honey:

– Solves problems with the urinary tract, such as inflammation of the bladder.

– Speeds up metabolism and reduces cholesterol.

– Solves digestive disorders.

– It acts as a powerful diuretic.

– Cleans the skin, it has antibacterial affect and makes the skin softer and more supple.


1. Boil the water and let it cool down as it should be so you can drink it.

2. Place the water in a cup and add homemade honey and squeeze half (or quarter larger) lemon.

3. Stir until honey is melted and drink the entire hot beverage.

4. Repeat this procedure every morning.