Forget the honey and lemon – this is much sweeter solution for cough

Leading experts in medicine have come to the conclusion that there is a much better-tasting way to get rid of the cough, and it is a compound that we all want to eat, Her Majesty – chocolate.

Professor Allyn Morris, a leading expert at the University of Hull for cardiovascular and respiratory studies and a member of the International Society for studies related to the cough, said there was research that claims that chocolate is one that can calm the cough, writes Daily Mail.

Although it sounds like Mary Poppins theory, Professor Morris is an independent expert who spent many years in researching the phenomenon cough, and assures us that the evidence is very compelling. As one of them, he lists the results from the largest study in Europe, which suggest new drugs that contain cocoa and are better than standard syrups.


In comparison, patients taking drugs based on chocolate had a significant improvement in just two days. Rococo, as it is called the drug, passed through well-designed study that controlled 163 patients and the results are published in the journal World health for the next 12 months.

This is not the first study that deals with this topic – formerly of Imperial College London found that theobromine, an alkaloid of cocoa, has a much better effect on preventing cough than codeine – a standard ingredient in cough medicines.

Twice as many patients who took the new drug have been able sooner to stop using the drug, because their symptoms subsided.


The idea that chocolate can soothe and heal cough may sound a bit crazy, but the researchers behind the drug Rococo believe that the benefits are related to the useful composition of cocoa.