Drink which stops aging: The skin becomes radiant and tightened and the hair doesn’t whiten!

Women who drink this potion claim that their skin is softer and younger, their hair is thicker and shiny and the vision is sharp and better.
Have you noticed that some women look even 15 years younger than they actually are? Some owe this the genes and others apply this drink that has very favorably affect the whole body.


Ingredients: 2 lemons, 100 ml linseed oil, 500 g of honey, 1 clove garlic, 1 clove
Preparation: peel the crust of just one lemon, peel the garlic. Blend the garlic and cloves and peeled lemon and the non-peeled one. Then add the honey blend it again and add flaxseed oil. Blend all ingredients again. Put the mixture in a jar and store in the refrigerator.
Consumption: Consume one tablespoon of this elixir before each meal, three times a day.