Dried figs burn the fats

Dried figs

The whole world is amazed by prescription of only two cheap ingredients, which with regular use release of excess fat.

The advantage of this diet is that it has a positive effect on health, regarding is a cure for the increased level of fat in the blood.

The two secret ingredients of the recipe are – dried figs and apple cider vinegar.

Take 3 figs and well pierce them with a toothpick on all sides, then place them in a glass container in which you previously put 200 ml of apple cider vinegar.

Let them soaked overnight and in the morning eat three pickled figs. The rest of the vinegar use it again for the next 3 figs.

200 ml apple cider vinegar use 7 days, and if anything remains, then discard it.

Eighth day, repeat the procedure and continue for 1 week.

14 days are enough for you, then take a break of several months.