Beauty tricks you can perform with baby powder

If you have children, you probably already met with baby powder. But apart from that she is one of the best care products for your little ones, there are big benefits for the mothers as well.


This product can go a long way in makeup, but also for beauty treatments that we know you worship.

Baby powder as a substitute for shampoo for dry wash


We believe that sometimes you found yourself in a situation when you don’t have time to wash your hair due to various obligations. In this case the baby powder is ideal for dry wash of the hair because it absorbs dirt and the hair looks clean and healthy. Apply on top a bit of baby powder, but be careful to rub it very good in order not to be notice. Of course, this is a short-term solution before you wash your hair with an appropriate shampoo.

It increases the volume of eyelashes


The thin and rare eyelashes are one of those problems that we can not deal regardless of mascara that we use. Before applying mascara, gently with your fingers, apply a bit of the baby powder, so after a few minutes and put the mascara as well. You will be satisfied with the density and volume of eyelashes.

Soothes skin irritation


Baby powder helps in recovery of skin irritations from various mild damages. This product is good for soothing acne, and you can apply it after you clean the face with a recommended asset. Baby powder will soothe your skin after waxing or shaving.

Retention of the makeup

make up

Given that baby powder absorbs fat is good to apply it after you put a makeup on. With the powder brush, apply a very thin layer of baby powder to keep the makeup in place. Also, before applying lipstick, put a thin layer on the lips of baby powder that will enable the continuity of lipstick.