8 foods that stimulate growth hormone

Do not forget the role of proper nutrition in building muscle…


Groceries with Melatonin

“Foods rich in melatonin can increase the production of growth hormone by a whopping 157 percent. Place some raspberries in your oatmeal and encourage the growth hormone “, as stated by Clinical Endocrinology.

Vitamin D

“The lack of vitamin D is directly related to lower levels of male hormones, but fish like salmon provides 271 percent of your recommended daily dose in just 100 g serving,” explain the researchers from the University of Oslo.


“Pineapple is a shining source of serotonin, hormone of pleasure. Eat it late and improve sleep and encourage the growth of the male hormone, “reported The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Coconut oil

“Add a little coconut oil in your pre-workout shake in order to encourage the production of growth hormone and improve explosiveness in the training of resistance”, Journal of Endocrinology.


“If you need a snack before a workout, opt for vegetables. Soy is a shiny source of L-arginine, which increases the level of the hormone after 30 minutes “, Department of Exercise Science at Syracuse University.

Green beans

Green beans are rich in L-PAD, which stimulates the pituitary gland and the production of growth hormone which is needed for your muscles “, Kobe University School of Medicine, Japan.


“The protein from beef and amino acids that are found in it boosts the synthesis of L-oronin, an ingredient that stimulates growth hormone up to four times,” the University of Houston.

Foods rich in glutamine

“Scientists have found that only 2 grams groceries rich in amino acid glutamine, as yogurt, are enough to increase production of growth hormone”, Department of Physiology, University of Louisiana.