World Health Organization: Processed meat is a cancer-causing

Agency for Food at WHO, World Health Organization, said processed meats like sausages, delicacies, frankfurters can lead the body to cancer, such as colon cancer.

Processed meat

Agency researchers analyzed more than 800 scientific papers from around the world on the topic of meat and cancer. The results showed that processed meat is “cancer-causing to humans”, while red area is “probably cancer-causing”.

When it comes to the amount of consumption that man is at risk of cancer, experts say that 50 grams of processed meat a day increases the risk of cancer by 18%. These results correspond with many references to the organization of public health aimed at reducing the amount of consumption of meat.

However, the agency says that you shouldn’t completely cut off the meat from the diet, because, for example, red meat has great nutritional value and benefits. The most appropriate would be to reduce and limit the consumption of meat and preferably processed meat totally excluded from the diet.