Training Without Equipment!!!

For upper arms like Michelle Obama you need nothing except good exercises.
No equipment in studio and no cost! For a good strength training, it only needs a little motivation, a serving of sweat and these exercises.

Electric vibrators (Power Plate), muscle stimulation with current stimuli (EMS training) or sophisticated ergometer may not make the training more modern, but therefore better. On the contrary: More and more professionals swear by strength training without equipment. For good reason.

4 reasons why strength training without equipment is better

1. Fewer injuries

Strength training without equipment has a distinct advantage: while exercising only your own body weight is used. So it can hardly come to excessive demands. Severe iron or intense set combustion engines, however, are in untrained beginners or athletes with sensitive joints often overkill. Overload by too high a weight training are therefore especially tricky, because they show the wear usually not directly, but only years later.TRAINING WITHOUT EQUIPMENT

2. Holistic Training

Another bonus during strength training without equipment: The body is required holistically. While movements in combustion engines, such as the leg or shoulder press, are guided and supported rigidly, the body without mechanical support must operate freely. So not only individual muscles to be addressed in isolation, but called for the functional interplay of different muscles.

3. Shapely!

An effect with a double effect: firstly, the strength training is strenuous without equipment because the whole body and not just individual muscles have to work. Secondly, it looks better! Anyone with devices specifically the strength of individual muscles trained, such as the biceps, moves no longer around. The body is not in balance.

Strength training without equipment shapes the body on the other hand functionally, it trained individual muscles not unnaturally extreme, but distributes the force evenly over the body. Optical results without device a more harmonious training result.

4. We’ll save money!

Cost and time saving strength training without equipment is incidentally also. What we therefore have to wait, we make a subscription with your body, rather than with our gym! We need finally nothing more, except a few good intentions and even better exercises.