Tips for salvation from the dark circles around the eyes

These tips will help you to remove or reduce the dark circles around the eyes when you wake up…


1. Almond oil

* Rub under the eyes before going to bed
* Leave it overnight
* When you wake up wash your face with cold water

2. Potato

* Remove the potato juice, soak the cotton and keep it on the eyes for 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure 2 times a day for several weeks or until the bags under your eyes are gone.

* Instead of juice and cotton, you can put potatoes cut into circles

3. Water rose

* In the water of rose dip the cotton
* Place the cotton on the eyes
* Leave it 15 minutes to act

4. Lemon juice

* Clean your face With cotton soaked in lemon juice and wash it after 10 minutes. Do this once a day.
* If your skin burns do not use lemon

5. Coconut oil

* Massage your eyes with coconut oil
* Leave it several hours to act
* Wash your face

6. Cucumber

* Once you cut the cucumber into thin wheels, let it stand in the refrigerator for half an hour before putting them on the eyelids. The process can be repeated several times a day until the bags disappear.

* Another way is to squeeze lemon and cucumber, and to apply the juice on the cotton, place it under your eyes and wash it after 15 minutes.

7. Filter bags of tea

* The bag of green tea or black tea hold in the refrigerator for 30 minutes
* Keep it on the eyes for 15 minutes
* Wash your eyes
* Do this twice a day, a few weeks
* Be careful to enter the tea in the eye

8. Cold compresses

* You can use cold milk or water, soak the fabric and hold it on the eyes a few minutes
* Put ice cubes in a towel and hold them on the eyes for a few minutes