These groceries make the teeth yellowing

Just as there are groceries to preserve WhiteTeeth, there are those who are yellowing them.


1) Sugar – damage the enamel and increase the caries.

2) Ice – the favorite supplement for drinks can lead to increased sensitivity. It causes bleeding and therefore change the color of theteeth.

3) Alcohol – alcohol dry out the oral cavity. Can cause many oral infections and ailments, that yellow the teeth.

4) Citrus – very healthy, but may damage tooth enamel. In order to avoid this, after eating citrus go and have a glass of water.

5) Coffee – caffeine leaves dark stains among the teeth and the constantly drinking of coffee affects the pigmentation.

6) Fizzy drinks – rich in sugars and if you drink a lot, bacteria that feeds on sugars will develop in the oral cavity, and the acid will damage your teeth.