SUPERFOOD – WHY Chia Seed is healthy

Chia seeds will fill you up, but without so much calories. We have investigated, what is in the super-seeds.
Everyone talks about Chia seeds. In particular, the health and body consciously cuisine plunges currently on the vegetable powerhouses. What most home cookers don’t know is this: It is true that Chia seed is a true superfood for health and beauty, but this is by no means something new. Even the Maya a thousand years ago used chia seeds in their food. And for good reason.

chia seeds

Chia seeds: The Healthy Superfood

Chia seeds are quasi energy in its purest form. The small seeds of the chia plant, one of sage, bursting before albumen, the power supplier of muscles. Not only the recipes are for vegans with chia seeds therefore an important foundation of balanced nutrition. Even meat eaters who are gain with important protein are usually only from animal products, coming more and more to the taste of small grains. When consumption of vegetable protein is namely to take cholesterol-suspicious fats that are no danger for the body. Instead even include chia seeds a high proportion of good, unsaturated fatty acids. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are even in the perfect ratio of 3: 1 in front, so that the organism can utilize particularly efficient. Exemplary are also the values of minerals and anti-oxidants.

Lose weight with chia seeds

A Superfood would be of course no Superfood, if it did not also act on our super bikini figure. Your strong water binding property causes, firstly, the Chia seeds to swell in the stomach, thus creating a good and long-lasting feeling of satiety. On the other hand it causes the high content of soluble dietary fiber that carbohydrates are slowly digesting. The insulin level is quite a long kept constant in this way and cravings are avoided. Finally bring chia seeds by their protein content as a figure bonus. In combination with sports an optimal muscle growth is ensured so namely.

Chia seeds: do a good thing and taste even better

In the modern kitchen Chia seeds are appreciated because of their nutritional value and effect, but mainly because of their compatibility. They taste almost completely neutral, namely they can be easily integrated into almost any dish. Whether as a pudding, in cereal, in salads or as a special addition to warm entrees: At Chia seed recipes are for all tastes. Unlike other seeds, such as e.g. Sesame or flax seeds, chia seeds have barely a taste of its own and can not therefore, a neat little feature just about every dish (eg fish, soups, cereals, sandwiches or salads) are scattered.