She succeeded in 9 months to drop 30 kilos by throwing only one thing from the nutrition

Tilly Cutler, a girl who was 107 kilograms, at one time had been deprived of the ability to walk, but in 25 years she decided to weaken, dropping out from eating just one thing. And she succeeded!

In just a half year she weakened more than 30 kilograms, throwing from her daily menu a burger. This girl from West MIDIS was previously in major depression.


“I ate so much, I became thick, then the whole clothes begin to become unpleasant to me. I could not walk properly and my confidence was at the lowest possible level, “Told Tilly to the British” Mirror”.

Her transformation has become an Internet sensation after sharing his photographs on social networks. Before she began weakening she was heavy as an elephant cub, but then began dieting and threw hamburgers from her diet.


“I took a picture of me with the belly down to remind me of how I looked like before treatment. It kept me on track, so I continued to lose weight. I was thrilled when I saw how people respect what I did. 36 weeks have passed from the change in my life and I never look back. I haven’t reached my real goal yet, but I’m moving on.”

Tilly began to obese when she studied.

“I was in college just six months, then I left for work with my husband, but my bad nutrition continue. I ate hamburgers and snacks four times a week and never cooked. Edward and I wanted to eat in restaurants, and I always took dessert too. However, all that is now behind me, now I eat healthy, “said Tilly.

Tilly managed to weakened by the program she` was given by an organization that helps people who have problems with obesity. So now she eats for breakfast fruit and drinks yogurt without fats, for a snack she takes carrots or salad, and when she want just to snack something she takes fruit, yogurt or chocolate fit, and then shifts to dinner when she eats carbonara which is ready to have a little calories and fat.