PASTA SALAD: healthy and delicious

SaladThey exist in many fitness recipes? Many of them are quite complicated and time-consuming to perform.
We often have little time to cook and need some food that we can take to work, training, class …

The pasta salad is an ideal food in this area for several reasons:

– It can be prepared in 15 – 20 min
– You can give us all macronutrients (depending on the ingredients you choose)
– High in carbohydrates
– It can take anywhere in a plastic container
– It is very easy to prepare
– I’ll give you three examples of pasta salad as the time when you go to eat:


I save the method of preparing pasta salad, since I assume we all know.


130g of pasta (spirals, bow, daisies, ribbons, macaroni …)
Olive oil 10g
2 cans of tuna to the natural (non-fat)
Turkey breast 50g
20g of olives
After training we can afford to put more fat (if we will not do another session on the same day). The objective of this pasta salad will slow muscle catabolism by the presence of carbohydrates and increase protein synthesis by proteins.



100g of pasta (spirals, bow, bows daisies, macaroni …)
20g light mayonnaise
1 can of tuna in brine (low fat)
100g Corn
With these ingredients get extremely high in carbohydrates and low in fat. Thus we do not intend to slow digestion and get to training full glycogen reserves. Avoid eating a lot of food so you do not have abdominal discomfort during training, so if the amounts are too high for you can reduce them.


130g pasta
40g light mayonnaise
2 boiled eggs
100g Corn
30g fresh cheese

These times the foods are far workout and not need to worry so much about the ingredients. The idea is to get extremely high in carbohydrates, protein and half medium – low in fat.
With these three examples of pasta salads have no excuse for anywhere lead a rich, easy to make and is also healthy. Do not forget that the amounts are indicative and may be adjusted to each person according to their needs.