Natural cure for expelling stones from bile and cleanse the liver

Chinese Dr. Lai Chiu Nan recommended completely natural method to remove stones from the gallbladder – which are highly dangerous – other than causing pain, cause jaundice, and even cancer. Dr. Lai offers the following recipe for expelling stones from bile and cleanse the liver.



The first 5 days should drink 4 cups drained apple juice every day or eat 4-5 apples. The juice from apple softens the stones. These 5 days you should eat normally, but healthy food.

The sixth day do not have dinner.

At 18 pm take bitter teaspoon salt in a glass of warm water.

At 20 pm repeat the same. Magnesium sulfate cleanses and relaxes channels.

At 22 pm take half a cup of olive oil with half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix it well and drink. The oil will lubricated the stones and facilitate their disposal.

The next morning you can find green stones in the stool.

Even when you don’t problems with bile, it is good to make this natural therapy. It is always good to cleanse the channels of the liver and bile, for your body to function properly – says the Chinese doctor.