MYSTERY SOLVED Here’s why sometimes we see points and transparent lines in front of our eyes

Almost to all people has happened at least once to see blurry things that are moving before the eyes, which often can be quite irritating. And have you ever wondered what exactly is this?


These things you see before your eyes are called “muscae volitantes”, which is Latin for “flying birds”, although they are not real flies, nor bugs of any kind. They do not come from the outside, but are inside our eyeballs.

They can act alive, because they move and change shape, but aren’t alive. “Aphis” re actually tiny objects that throw a shadow on the retina, the tissue sensitive to light, located in the back of the eye.

They can be part of the tissue, red blood cells or clumps of protein and moving whenever you start moving your eyes. Most of the time they are barely noticeable, but become apparent when they are closer to the retina.