Low Carb Recipes: Fried egg with spinach and avocado

Recipe for fried egg with spinach and avocado


1-2 eggs
5 radishes
150 g fresh young spinach leaves
1 avocado
3 tomatoes
a little pepper, salt
vinegar and oil
parmesan to taste.
Alternatively, 50 ml cream, a pinch of paprika and dried oregano



The combination of egg and vegetables can be prepared in two variants. Firstly, the vegetables can be cut into small pieces after washing and mixed with vinegar, oil, salt and pepper to a classic salad together, which is then passed to the fried and sprinkled with a little Parmesan.

Alternatively, you can also prepare a vegetable scrambled variant. But the eggs must be broken and, together with the saw in a bowl. This whole variant is seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika and oregano and then mixed thoroughly with a whisk. Meanwhile, there are the chopped vegetables, who should be prepared on medium heat in a pan and heated it for about five minutes.

The scrambled egg mass is then added to the vegetables and you must heat the egg-vegetable mass and meanwhile stirring, until the egg is cooked. Subsequently, a little cheese can still be given on the vegetable scrambled eggs.