“LAYAGE” – The new trend of coloring hair which we will worship in 2016!


We must admit that we are little bored from all those new trends for dyeing hair which means crazy strong colors, which frankly, few of us have the courage and ability to try out on ourselves. So we are very happy at the news that in 2016 the main trend in hair coloring will involve its shading in natural shades!

Professionals are turning the spotlight on the new method called hued hair – layage! This technique is similar to the popular technique balayage, but it achieves slightly different effect. See what precisely it is.

The layage perhaps represents the top in achieving more natural looking hair using shades. After this painting, hair acts like it’s naturally lit up in the sun. The aim is to illuminate certain parts of the hair that will spill over in a completely natural way and will give the impression of “sunshine in your hair.” The hair acts like shining inside.

Hair 1

The secret is the precise and strictly controlled color infliction, lock after lock.

Hair 2

The hair is placed on a flat surface, so slowly are separated bigger locks which are manually painted. Most paint is applied to the edges, while the upper parts of the hair remain in the strands and so are painted. In this way lighter parts seamlessly merge with the darker shades of hair.

Professionals say that with this technique of dyeing can be achieved ombre effect (light only at the ends), and tinting of the entire hair.