How to prevent and alleviate sore muscles

MusclesDespite the fact that consistent practice is the sure way to your ideal figure, it is impossible to leave out the fact that it’s the same consistent practice, unfortunately, often accompanied by painful and unpleasant muscle inflammation.

Muscle inflammation, whether it is switched on a single muscle or group of muscles inflammation, in fact arise when a particular muscle or group of muscles secretion of excess lactic acid is formed.

Lactic acid is a product of metabolism, which occurs due to an insufficient supply of the armpits tissue with oxygen. This phenomenon occurs due to strenuous exercise, because the blood vessels through which the oxygen is delivered in muscle tissue, do not achieve to secure and transmit sufficient oxygen. Proportionally, it is clear that the inflammation of the muscles is stronger and more painful, if in them is a greater presence of lactic acid, and the level of secretion of lactic acid, directly depends on the pace of physical activity or exercise and whether the supply of oxygen to the tissue is sufficient or not.

So, every time you make time for your next training, so that you spared yourself from the painful inflammation, follow the capabilities of your body, observe the power level that you own and do not try to force yourself. If the pace and frequency of training, enhancing and increasing gradually and slowly, your body will be ready to follow you through that, and soon, you will be more than satisfied with the effect of exercise.

However, if and during moderate exercise, you feel a problem due to the formation of painful inflammation of the muscles, in this case, before and after each training session, engage moderate walk that will improve your circulation, and thus speed up the flow of blood through the muscle tissue, which will boost the level oxygen and reduce the level of lactic acid, a proportion that will alleviate the inflammatory infiltrate.

Also, along with moderate walk, resulting in the elimination of inflammation, will help and adequate intake of fluids in the body and enhanced intake of magnesium, which acts to prevent the occurrence of cramps and muscle spasm, which is often accompanied by painful inflammation.