How do I remove pigment spots on the face?

Those who have pigment spots on their face know that they are harmless, but are very annoying. The beauty expert Bea Petri reveals to those who dream of flawless porcelain skin, how to remove pigmentation disorders.

You take a pill, or antibiotics? And immediately forget about to protect from the sun? The pigmentation problems described above could in fact be caused by UV light. It is basically always, but especially when prone to pigmentation problems, and because of that it is important for the skin to be protected even in the winter with a good sunscreen. That is the best way to prevent dark spots on the face and, incidentally, against skin aging.

pigment spots on the face

Мore often in women appear pigment spots. Scientists argue about the real cause of nor pigmentation disorders: It is assumed that these skin discolorations are caused by taking hormone pills, such as the pill or antibiotics, in combination with sunlight (UV light).

If you want to remove the dark spots, there are different methods. The first and very important s the bleaching of the skin with creams. But you should be careful and be under medical supervision, since it may lead to incompatibilities. The peeling process which is called gentle is a process with chemical peels offered by many dermatologists. Especially gentle on the surrounding skin tissue, however, is the removal of pigment spots by laser. And the best thing is that after only two to five sessions the pigment spots can be removed completely.