Hair loss – causes and treatment

hair lossRegular circle of hair growth lasts around 2-3 years. (prior phase) Every hair growth is around 1cm per month during this phase. In every moment around 90% of the hair grows at your scalp and 10% is inactive. (Second phase).
After 3-4 months the hairs that were inactive fall and their place is taken by new hair. Intensive hair falls can appear in all ages and genders (children, men and women).

Causes of hair loss

Most people lose 50-100 hair per day. Our head holds 100 000 hair, this is nearly not notable. Gradually hair whitening is considered for normal part of aging.
May be as consequence of other dysfunctions: conditions after serious illness, surgery, delivery, hormonal disbalances (thyroidal hormones, testosterone, estrogen), teeth inflammations, inflammations of internal organs, anemia.

Poor nutrition – insufficient intake of some amino acid (cysteine, methionine),minerals (iron, copper, zinc), some lack of vitamins may cause insufficiency of hair creating.
Medical treatment – chemotherapy and radiotherapy may cause hair loss. After these treatments the hair starts growing again.

Many women after 3 months from their delivery may notice extremely hair loss which is caused by the condition of the hormones. Hair grows again after the the balance of hormones regular values.
Some drugs can cause hair loss; anticoagulants, oral contraception, antidepressants, retinoides).
Fungal infections of the scalp skin may cause hair loss. It can be a sign of some other decease etc; lupus, anemia, so it may be considered.


Consult with your doctor in case where you don’t find helpful any shampoo against hair loss. Your doctor may ask you some questions which can refer to any medical treatment you are on, food habits, taking medications, any illnesses that you have had, if you are in your monthly “period’ (if women), pregnancy, menopause. You may be required to do some blood analysis, check specific hormones or checking your scalp.

Drugs that may be prescribed are: minoxidil spray 2% i 5% (Pilfud, Pilovit) that is rubbed into the scalp and finasteride (antiandrogen), which is prescribed to some types of boldness.
To see the first results sometimes are required two or even six months before you can make any notice of improvements by the treatment.
Also, hair transplantation is available to some parts were the hair is completely lost.

Food supplements

Combination of vitamins and minerals for strengthening the hair and nails usually consist: vitamin combination of B group, vitamin H – biotin, folic acid, amino acid (cysteine, methionine)
that build keratin fibers from which hairs are build, mineral: iron, copper, zinc, silica. On the market there are different commercial treatments for etc; BGB Hair and nails, Merz special tablets, Fitoval capsules (that consist of nettle extract).

Herbal shampoo and lotions against hair loss

Herbal shampoo against hair loss nourishes the root of hair with essential minerals and vitamins, and stimulating the hair to growth. Drops of nettle extract can be rubbed into the root of the hair and to be left to work for a while before washing the hair,
also you can drink it in case of anemia. Nettle is natural extract of multi mineral complex that nourish the root of the hair with its essential mineral requirements.
There are natural shampoos based on nettle extract and garlic extract which is used against hair loss. Garlic helps fighting fungal infections and works like natural kind of antimycotic.