Do You Know Your Breast?

The earlier breast cancer is detected, the higher the chance is to treat him successfully. That is known. But women often do not know how to scanned chest properly. A new self check-App of three Swiss doctors should change now.

Gently press three fingers on the chest. With circular movements and alternately stronger and lighter pressure they wander slowly over the entire breast up to the armpits. That sounds familiar to you? Then you probably keys regularly from your chest and can change detect early.

That’s not all women like that. Many who do regular self-check, scanning running anything but smoothly. This experience have the former chief physician of the gynecological clinic Triemli Brida of Castelberg and her colleague, the current head doctor of the women’s clinic, Stephanie von Orelli, made. If the patient should show the two gynecologists, as they scan their chest, was often clear: So they would tie a knot in his chest does not feel.Breast

Others want to not prefer for lumps,” said Brida of Castelberg. Often out of fear of finding something. Here is the head in the sand just in breast cancer is not a good strategy. “9 out of 10 nodes are palpated anyway benign.” And one in 10 who is malignant, can be treated more gently mostly when it is detected early.

Become an expert on your Breast!

Will scan the breast properly therefore be learned. But how about it? The question the gynecologists have put together with the specialized breast radiologist Elisabeth Garzioli. Your reply: With an app, the women vividly explains how breast changes they should look for and how they can palpate the breast lumps.
“Become an expert on your chest!” Urges the app and wants based on illustrative videos and animated anatomical representations to encourage women to get to know her chest better. Because “each breast individually and who often and intensely touched enough will notice when it changes,” said Brida of Castelberg. Therefore, the three doctors believe that it is the women themselves who can contribute most to breast cancer prevention.
The breast self-check by the independent sampling of breast recommend three doctors women of any age and at least every three months. At the deadline for self check reminds integrated into the app alarm function. “Ideally, women are then so routinely over time that the breast scan is automatically integrated into their daily lives, for example when showering,” says Castelberg.

Dear, wrong alarmed treated as too late?

But there is not already enough, “Breast Awareness”? Come under criticism is the breast cancer awareness mainly by over diagnosis and over treatment as a result of mammography screening. “Mammography screenings are performed in healthy women over 50 every two years. And this can confuse women unnecessarily when discovered in them something that turns out to be benign for a clarification. And even more serious: If malignant changes are found, but not would be in need of therapy, over diagnosis leads to unnecessary overtreatment.”

Should we therefore prefer to simply give up early? So easy it is not. It is undisputed and for some women an advantage that even malignant changes can be found that actually lead to earlier therapy of cancer.
But does not even the regular scanning to more uncertainty and false alarms? The allegations that one makes the screening, you can also make self-examination: Again, there may be a false alarm. From predominantly positive benefits it is still confident because the app enables an emphatically objective and reasonable access to breast cancer screening.

“Whether it is also used for self-examination to over diagnosis, we do not know, because there are no systematic studies of this question,” says Castelberg. Therefore, prevention of breast cancer is primarily a question that women have to ask themselves. Do you want it? For the doctors, it is all about, that women, who want to scan your chest yourself, do the same thing right and know what they feel.