Diet for Men

Diet for MenAlthough most diets, which can be found on the internet or for which we have heard from friends is universal, however, there should be a special diet for men and women.

No, this is not about the division of the sexes, but it is a fact that everyone’s body works differently, and there are significant differences in the functioning of male and female metabolism so the diets that give good results in women are rarely effective when they are conducted by men.

Women have always been annoyed by the fact that men do not have cellulite, the answer to this is that men have more muscle mass and muscle fibers, which are also the main spenders of calories in the body. Especially in the younger years, nearly all men can eat whatever they want and not gain weight. Of course, time slows down the metabolism and the accumulation of fatty deposits is constantly increasing especially on the stomach is creating a grease, which is the most difficult to completely eliminate.

The main culprit for weight gain in men are carbon hydrates. Here are some tips if you follow them, you can strike out on weight. It should be noted that this is not a fast diet and it is needed to comply with in the next 3 to 6 months, but the results will be there, so be persistent.

1. Eat smaller meals every 2 to 3 hours, for a total of five to eight small meals a day, every day.

2. Eat a low-fat sources of protein with each meal (meat, chicken, fish, eggs).

3. Eat fruits, vegetables or both for each meal.

4. Make sure that almost all carbohydrates are from fruits and vegetables.

5. Make sure that at least 25 percent of your calories come from fat sources, including animal fats and oils (flax, fish, coconut, and olive).

6. Drink only beverages that are with zero calories, and alcohol especially forget the beer. Ideal drinks are all kinds of tea.

7. Eat often grain

8. Minimize the amount of bread and for dinner do not consume it at all

9. Potatoes, pasta and rice, avoid due to the high carbohydrate content.

10. Physical activity is needed