Did you know that more foods contain fatty cheap

It is in prepared foods, cosmetics, chocolate cream and also serves as a bio-fuel: such as a study shows, palm oil is present in an increasing number of foods. Experts criticize the use of cheap fat – for several reasons.
An increasing number of foods contain palm oil. This is the result of an analysis of the one counselor’s portal. In cosmetics, however, the proportion of palm oil-based products fell slightly accordingly. Environmentalists criticize that for oil palm plantations rainforest will be destroyed, which is important not only for animals and plants but also for the regulation of the global climate.

Products with palm oil must be labeled

Ends of 2012, 6.5 percent of the investigated food products were declared palm oil, according to code check. The end of 2015 it had already been 13 percent. Since last December the EU must have a hint in all products with palm oil. Before the oil was usually declared only as “vegetable fat”. This is a component for the increasing number of declared palm oil products. That does not explain the entire increase. Increasingly, it will also be used as biofuel.


Palm oil is also used for cooking and frying. Meanwhile, the oil plugged according to the report in any third chocolate, nut and dairy cream or sausage and every fourth Asian instant meal.

Palm oil is located, also in many of the 96 000 analyzed cosmetic products – among others were 49.8 percent of eye care products declared palm oil sustainably in face creams, it was 44 percent and 42 percent of make ups. Overall, the number of cosmetic products with palm oil declaration since 2012 was, however, declined by one percent.
When importing palm oil eighth German companies according to a study of the environmental organization WWF now at least more common environmental standards. After all, 62 companies took advantage of now solely certified palm oil. When previous test two years ago there were only 29 companies.

World-hunger help emphasized recently: “. Palm oil is not fundamentally bad, when the palm trees are grown on fallow land or on land which was previously used for agricultural purposes, and if smallholder farmers are involved with fair supply at the production, then we can all benefit.”