Check if you have vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin BVitamin B1212 is an essential nutrient which is useful for the creation of blood cells, DNK and nerves.

If you have these signs that indicate a deficiency, you should take measures to prevent the negative effects on your health:


Do you feel tired? Vitamin B1-2 is important for aerobic energy in the body. Because of the lack of this vitamin, your body does not get enough oxygen and energy. Also, dizziness may be a sign that you miss vitamin B-12.

Tingling in hands

Loss of sensation in the hands accompanied by tingling with pins can be a sign that you lack the vitamin B-12.

Pain in the wrists

Strong pain in the wrists that are not due to injury or chronic inflammation, such as arthritis, may be a sign of alarm. Also, patients with a deficiency of vitamin B-12 are seen slower reflexes.

Accelerated heartbeat or breathing

The brief breath and rapid heartbeat are associated with a deficiency of vitamin B-12.


Problems with balance and lurching may be an indicator of a lack of this vitamin.


Yellowing skin and whites of the eyes may be another indicator of a lack of vitamin B-12 and serious severe health problems.

Some patients with a deficiency of vitamin B-12 have swollen tongue. Other signs in the mouth can be both smooth tongue and reduced sense of taste.

Where to find it?

Enriched soy milk or milk from nuts is a natural source of vitamin B12. Natural food usually contain a small percentage of vitamin B-12. These include mushrooms and fermented foods, such as certain types of algae, yeast eating the eggs, milk and yogurt.

Of all the B vitamins, this vitamin is required by the body in very small quantities. While adults need 2.4 mg per day, this vitamin is essential for many body functions. The great lack of vitamin B12 can lead to serious health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, anemia, stroke, memory loss, paranoia, depression and other serious problems.